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Too Much Coffee, Man! SHANNON WHEELER
CEREBUS.TV #15 Season 3
Feb 10-17

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The comic strip, the comic book, the magazine and now, thanks to DARK HORSE Books, the 566-page OMNIBUS!

What, the Too Much Coffee Man OPERA? (Seriously!)

Where did the concept for TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN come from? Is the cartoonist in the strip really autobiographical? JOHN SCRUDDER found out - now you can, too.

DAVE SIM performs his two-page TOO MUCH COFFEE LIQUEUR MAN from his Cerebus graphic novel GUYS.

Watch to the END CREDITS and hear a performance by Amerindian rap group MASDAHMOON of their underground hit "Caf-fiend" - wow, WAY Too Much Coffee, Man!

Bonus features: CEREBUS TV benefit sketches by Jimmy Gownley, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragones, Shannon Wheeler, Andre Szymanowicz, David Petersen, Richard Starkings, Carolyn Belefski, Denis Kitchen, Jeremy Bastian and Max Ink. Thanks guys and gal!

AND! a sneak preview of COSPLAY LASS soon to appear in glamourpuss No.26! Who is she in her (REAL) civilian identity?

PLUS! PETE DIXON of PARADISECOMICS.COM update! And GENE COLAN interview excerpt!

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